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Bc Serving It Right Cheat Sheet

Bc Serving It Right Cheat Sheet 🧨
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is British Columbia's responsible beverage service program.
What factors should be kept in mind when using a chart to calculate BAC? Bar experience, but obviously to work in British Columbia, I need some fancy English-speaking badge. In my opinion, this is a very poor choice. However, I'd rather just say that BAC includes many other factors, such as after-sales service for drinks, and of course the standard BAC discount system.
And so, there are 11 factors associated with BAC that bartenders should know:
1) Time factor 6.06: Table reservation. It's even easier here: you always have time to reserve. If you haven't booked a table in advance, you can start bartending after the bar closes.
2) Cocktail Challenge Factors: Do you have special glassware? Are there many people with you to add some liquid? How can you create drinks? What will you add to turn your cocktail into something special? What liquids do you use?
3) Are there many visitors to your fast food base? Do you have a place for a mix in your bar? Can you help customers on the go by pouring drinks for them? Is there anything else you do after the bar to help people?
4) The fact of submission or absence? Before and after the drink is served, you can ask what the cocktail is with, if the visitor has anything else, if there is nothing in the glass, then you just give your drink.
5) Fastening facts for glasses (especially if they are taps): All glasses must be fixed. Even after a few months, your glasses can be reused.
6) Actual view ("cake" of slices) 7.26: You can help customers by pouring liquid into small cups.
7) Actual and cup serving 8.010: There are several ways to serve drinks in cups: from special glassware, without liquid, in one gulp, "pie", or simply add liquid to the glass when it is empty.
8) "Taste", glasses 10.96: For a high-quality, uniform taste, none of the cocktail ingredients should be "mixed up". The capacity of the cup must be visible. Liquid color may vary.
9) The actual account fe70933767